Josh McDaniels thinks you are dumb

Posted by Uncle Rico 12:24 PM EST

It’s generally prudent for an NFL head coach to not publicly discuss team business, but Josh McDaniels has decided to take such practice to another level. In only a year plus on the job, the Broncos head coach has developed a nasty reputation for going out of his way to lie when commenting on certain issues rather than keeping his mouth shut. Either McDaniels is a pathological liar, or he believes that other teams’ coaches and management, the media, and fans are stupid enough to continue to believe and be influenced by the nonsense he has been spewing since he arrived in Denver.

While McDaniels cutman Mike Klis carries on peddling McDaniels’ agenda, Klis’ colleague, Dave Krieger, recently touched on McDaniels’ penchant for spreading mistruths.

As Josh McDaniels Sucks documented last week, Krieger called out McDaniels for showering praise on former Broncos quarterback Chris Simms at the NFL Combine only a couple of weeks before releasing the player. Specifically, Krieger wrote: it wasn’t just that he complimented Simms’ work ethic, which is the equivalent of a letter of recommendation, [but] McDaniels also said “we wouldn’t have Chris [in Denver] if we didn’t feel good about him having an opportunity to play and win games with us.”

Speaking to reporters this week at the NFL owners’ meetings in Orlando, Josh McDaniels repeatedly offered that the Brandon Marshall situation is “out of [the Broncos] hands.” Krieger warned Broncos fans to not to take McDaniels literally or figuratively, and the truth is that thanks to the current collective bargaining agreement entered into by the NFL Management Council and NFLPA, the Broncos are completely in control of the process as Marshall is a restricted free agent.

By tendering the Pro Bowl wide receiver at the first round level, the Broncos retained Marshall’s rights for another season at the reasonable salary of $2.521 million. Of course, Marshall could opt to not sign the one year offer and sit out the 2010 season in protest of not being offered a lucrative, long term contract. Another option is for Denver to negotiate a trade of Marshall to another club, as San Diego and Seattle recently agreed to do for quarterback Charlie Whitehurst, who was a restricted free agent like Marshall before the trade. Though in executing such a trade, the Broncos should not accept anything less than a 1st round pick (Seattle’s 14th overall pick would be fair if the Seahawks are balking at giving up the 6th overall selection which would be the required compensation in the event Seattle signed Marshall to an offer sheet and Denver declined to match the offer).

McDaniels may be using his best efforts to convince Broncos fans that the Marshall situation is beyond Denver’s control (much like he campaigned for his innocence in the aftermath of the Jay Cutler trade), but the Broncos community is well aware of McDaniels’ pattern of perjury. The bottom line is that McDaniels and the Broncos control Brandon Marshall’s NFL fate, and the team would be far better off signing and paying the young, proven wideout rather than taking a flyer on drafting a rookie who may never become anything other than a guy who once was a great college football player.

Last night Marshall’s PR firm contacted Josina Anderson of FOX31 Sports to disseminate the following message:

“Brandon Marshall is continuing to work out and progress this offseason, and is hopeful that wherever he lands that it will be the right place. Additionally, if it were true that a contract extension commensurate with Marshall’s skills was actually offered, there would be no question as to what team Marshall would be staying with at this time.”

Reading between the lines, it’s clear that if the Broncos offered Marshall a contract comparable to the deal that Falcons wide receiver Roddy White inked prior to the 2009 season, then Marshall would be happy to finish his career in Denver. Marshall’s representatives undoubtedly felt it necessary to issue the above referenced release because the cowardly McDaniels is trying win the public relations battle by again floating rumors that Marshall turned down a long term, $9.5 million per year offer from the Broncos last offseason. Sources close to the negotiation are adamant that the offer was essentially a one year deal, with no guaranteed money beyond the $9.5 million Marshall would have earned in the first year of the agreement. By contrast, White’s 6 year, $50 million contract with Atlanta includes $18.6 million guaranteed and White is scheduled to make $28 million over the first 3 years of the deal. As Kreiger opines, if McDaniels is going make controversial moves, he ought to at least be a man and own them instead of hiding behind some weak, fabricated public relations campaign.

So, if offered a fair market value contract Marshall would stay in Denver. And Pat Bowlen is on record saying that he’d like to see Marshall remain in Denver as well. Yet, jettisoning Marshall one year after the organization traded away its 25 year old Pro Bowl quarterback is still likely to happen because Josh McDaniels is desperately trying to prove that he is bigger than the Denver Broncos and smarter than Christopher Langan.

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4 Responses to “Josh McDaniels thinks you are dumb”

  1. […] pick in round 2, 3 or even later. But McDaniels had to let everyone know how smart he thinks he is (or how dumb he thinks you are) by reaching for a quarterback that struggled mightily this preseason and now sits behind […]

  2. Brian says:

    When the Broncos first hired McDaniels, I had never heard of the guy. I could not believe that the owner did not want Shanahan back, or a least to hire a proven coach that would have demanded the respect of the players. If McDaniels is trying to turn the Broncos into the Patriots-west, then he is an idiot. Because if coaching professional athletes is anything like coaching high school athletes, I can tell you that treating them like cattle will get the results that he has gotten – no one wants to play for you. The Broncos should pay Marshall, get rid of McDaniels and bring in Bill Cowher.

  3. Uncle Rico says:

    nmbronco1, I updated the post to include comments about and a link to Krieger’s article from today’s Denver Post. McDaniels tried to float the rumor about the Marshall offer during the 2009 season, but it was quickly refuted by Marshall’s agent, Kennard McGuire, with the same explanation his camp now offers to Josina Anderson and Krieger – it was essentially a 1 year deal with no guaranteed money beyond the salary for the first year. I don’t blame Marshall for not accepting the weak deal. If McDaniels wanted Marshall around long term, the offer would have been for a market contract (e.g. Roddy White).

  4. nmbronco1 says:

    Basically, every time Josh McDaniels opens his mouth he’s lying. You should link today’s (3/28) DP article by Krieger which calls the alleged $9.5 million offer the rubbish it is. I cannot stand how McNapoleon is taking apart the Denver Broncos franchise and replacing it with a cheap imitation of the hated New England Patriots.

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