Broncos (3-8) fall to Rams, storm clouds gather over McDaniels as Tony Dungy says Broncos coach not only violated league policy but the honor code of NFL head coaches too

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The St. Louis Rams, a team less than a year removed from a 1-15 record and without a road win in 2010 before yesterday, beat the Denver Broncos 36-33 in front of a heavy no-show gathering on a dark Sunday afternoon at Invesco Field at Mile High.

After the Broncos jumped out to a 7-0 lead, rookie quarterback Sam Bradford, who torched Denver’s secondary with a 22/37, 308 yard, 3 TD performance, led the Rams to 35 unanswered points. Kyle Orton rallied his team in the 4th quarter, but as is becoming the modus operandi of Orton and the Broncos, big plays were not made at crunch time.

The Broncos are 3-8 for the first time in 20 years. Pending Arizona’s game vs. the 49ers tonight, Denver is the worst defensive team in football, surrendering 29.4 points per game.

As The Denver Post’s Dave Krieger notes, “the main issues for the Broncos on the field are the quality of the personnel [McDaniels] has assembled and his lack of in-game adjustments.

“Once again Sunday, the Broncos came out of the locker room looking good. For the third consecutive game, they scored on their first drive. For the second consecutive game, it was pretty much all downhill from there. McDaniels spoke of the adjustments the Chargers and Rams made the past two weeks to slow down his offense. The Broncos never seem to adjust back. There never seems to be a Plan B. But frankly, it’s hard to tell whether that’s a lack of resourcefulness on the sidelines or a lack of talent on the field. Watching the defense collapse yet again rekindles all the questions about why McDaniels the personnel man didn’t concentrate on fortifying that side of the ball when he first arrived almost two years ago. Instead, he overhauled the offense, which didn’t really need it. As a result, the defense remains a sum of mostly mediocre parts. It has all the same issues it had when McDaniels arrived. The offense put up some pretty numbers again Sunday, but many of them came in the desperate catch-up effort at the end. Brandon Lloyd caught two more touchdowns from Orton, adding to the best season of his career, in yet another loss.”

After Sunday’s NFL action, NBC’s Football Night in America crew discussed the free fall of the Broncos (see video below). Mike Florio said that storm clouds have gathered around Josh McDaniels, and due to bad personnel moves, ugly loses and recent allegations of cheating it’s unlikely that McDaniels will remain in Denver beyond this season regardless of the two year term remaining on his contract. With regard to “McSpygate”, Florio pointed out that even if McDaniels didn’t direct Steve Scarnecchia to record the 49ers practice and/or watch the tape (both very unlikely), McDaniels blatantly ignored NFL protocol which mandates the immediate reporting of violations of the league’s “integrity of the game” policy. It has come out that McDaniels waited almost two weeks to report the incident to the team’s senior management, which raises questions about McDaniels’ truthfulness and a possible attempt to cover up the scandal.

In addressing Jay Glazer’s report that McDaniels told Denver’s coaching staff that the New England Patriots’ videotaping of opponents’ in-game defensive coaching signals “was practiced, that was coached, that was worked on,” former Tampa Bay and Indianapolis head coach Tony Dungy asserted that McDaniels violated the honor code among NFL head coaches. Harsh words from Dungy, one of the most respected and articulate figures in the game.

As Mark Kiszla wrote, the Broncos are a leaguewide joke thanks to the missteps of Josh McDaniels. The team is 5-16 over its last 21 games under McDaniels, and the head coach has embarrassed the franchise by cheating. Pat Bowlen and Joe Ellis have be coming to the realization that McDaniels is bad for business as thousands of Broncos fans stayed away from Invesco Field at Mile High for the game against the Rams. However, to make a real statement and impact the team’s bottom line, the stadium needs to be empty for the Broncos final home dates against Houston and San Diego. As JP, a Josh McDaniels Sucks visitor commented “as a Broncos season ticket holder of 14 years and never missing a home game in such time, I am officially boycotting the Broncos and will burn my 4 tickets each week McDaniels is coaching.”

Kiszla finished his story with a portrait of a beaten man:

“When the comeback against the Rams fell short, after nearly all his players had dressed and departed, McDaniels walked through a silent Denver locker room. He wore a backpack and a ball cap. A cellphone was stuck to his ear. Before going out the door, McDaniels stopped to scavenge the pizza boxes stacked on a table. If you didn’t know better, you would never guess this man was the coach of an NFL team.”

With any luck, he won’t be for long. Next week the Broncos travel to Kansas City, and you can bet Todd Haley and the Chiefs have revenge on their minds.

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20 Responses to “Broncos (3-8) fall to Rams, storm clouds gather over McDaniels as Tony Dungy says Broncos coach not only violated league policy but the honor code of NFL head coaches too”

  1. public relations definition says:

    public relations definition…

    […] | Broncos (3-8) fall to Rams, storm clouds gather over McDaniels as Tony Dungy says Broncos coach not only violated league policy but the honor code of NFL head coaches too Josh McDaniels Sucks[…]…

  2. Uncle Rico says:

    Shere, thanks for the link. I am actually in the process of writing a new post that includes a link to Schein’s story.

  3. DrunkenBroncoholic says:

    Does Bowlen have dementia? Saying monday morning he won’t fire McD, then saying Monday night McD’s future depends on the evaluation of the last 5 games? That sounds opposite of each other to me… what changed Bowlen’s mind between monday morning and Monday night? Missed a looney pill? Heard the comments us fans have made? Saw he made no money on selling over priced beers because of record low attendance? Got more info on spygate2? One thing is for sure… this entire franchise looks like a kindergarten class.. show some balls for once Bowlen… he’s lucky the next 3 games are on the road, cause the last 2 are going to be empty.

  4. DrunkenBroncoholic says:

    I’ll take Monday night’s formal interview from Bowlen over that telephone interview… Bowlen saying the last 5 games will determine McD’s future. Spygate2 is not over… Scar will talk to Goodell. The inhouse leaking is pure satisfaction… and one coach’s quote “if he treated people right we would keep our mouths shut. But when you treat people like a piece of (expletive) this is what happens”… that’s a coach saying that! Bowlen saying before that McD has the right to clean house on all his coaches… well who would want to come here? There will be NO coach who would want to come here. All NFL coaches and peers can see he’s a cancer. “Troublemakers” like Nolan and Cutler have no problem on their teams… no trouble. Only people he would fill the coaching vacancies would be his family, or his little baby bro’s high school friends.

  5. Will says:

    And you know what else, about the hell time somebody gave McDaniels some credit for a teams’ success:

  6. Will says:

    And now, the worst news you could ever get, from the man himself:|pos1|bowlen-on-mcdaniels

  7. Shere says:

    Uncle Rico we need a T-shirt option that says, “Josh McDaniels Just Spied on Me” Please and thank you!

  8. Uncle Rico says:

    Ya, I wrote about it on Sat. in the update to this post:

    Specifically, “Mike Florio suggested that McDaniels’ comments were leaked to Glazer by a member of the Broncos coaching staff because after the team’s humiliating 59-14 loss to the Raiders, McDaniels took the entire staff to Pat Bowlen and lambasted them in front of the owner. Perhaps certain coaches on McDaniels hand picked staff have come to realize that they are working for an unprofessional idiot.”

    I’ve never heard of a coach doing such an unprofessional, cowardly thing. I have no doubt several members of the coaching staff (i.e. everyone but Ben McDaniels) can’t stand McD and are already looking for jobs elsewhere. It’s going to be fun to see guys like Ben and Makk Thewes (now a VP with the Broncos) looking for work in the real world shortly. Too bad, McD is such a douchebag b/c these guys had it made…

    Here’s a link to the Glazer report for those who have not seen it:

  9. DrunkenBroncoholic says:

    Uncle Rico did you hear the news about McD bringing the entire coaching staff in front of Bowlen, then berating them and blasting them to no end? Right in front of Bowlen… watch the youtube video “Glazers edge: spygate 2”.

    Now McD is upset cause there’s a “rogue informant” from within the staff that is leaking out all of McD’s laundry… I applaud whoever that is. This spygate is not going away so quickly.. Scarnecchia is now going to meet with Goodell in the coming days, which Goodell has said they can re-open the case, if necessary… I wouldn’t be surprised if they lose their 1st round pick next year.

  10. DrunkenBroncoholic says:

    Did McDufus ever have an explanation of why it took him 2 weeks to report the video incident? I got my assumptions… it took about 2 weeks for him and Scarnecchia to come to a mutual “money” agreement for Scar to take the blame… pay him off so he can take the fall and make McDufus completely innocent of any wrongdoing other than not reporting it on time… lies lies lies… no pay out to Scar and he spills the beans… for sure McDufus watched the tape… first 15-20 niner plays are scripted and the Broncos knew what was coming during those plays… shut them down… then niners adjusted and made McDufus look stupid by beating him.

  11. DrunkenBroncoholic says:

    HAHA Uncle Rico thanks for editing that… seems to me that the Cube wouldn’t do so well in the snow… I’m sure you can pack alot of pizza boxes in it though, they got the same shape.

  12. Uncle Rico says:

    I definitely support the egg shower, but I find it hard to believe that a guy that buys a 9,000 sq. ft. house for a quarter of the value of his first significant contract is driving a Nissan Cube. Nothing against the Cube of course.

  13. DrunkenBroncoholic says:

    I’m pretty sure McD drives a Nissan Cube… I encourage an egg shower.

  14. DrunkenBroncoholic says:

    Bowlen put himself in this situation with a knee jerk reaction in firing shanahan just because Shanny didn’t want to fire Bob Slowik. It was a decision based on emotion… Bowlen had no plans on a new coach until the day Shanahan would not get rid of Slowik. Then Bowlen refused to even interview Rex Ryan, who by the way was making no secret that he wanted to come to Denver. My respect for Bowlen is still there, but everyday that another ball bag move McD does without any discipline or firing, I lose more and more respect. Every single owner in the NFL would’ve canned this creep already, hell they would’ve canned him based on his mis-evaluation of Hillis. EVERY fan knew he could pound the ball, yet McD wouldn’t give the kid a chance. That right there proves he’s got mush in the head when it comes to the most GENERAL of football knowledge… the list of failures is longer than the health care bill and it keeps growing each day.

  15. Will says:

    Oh, and one more thing: more important than the disrespect he has shown for his players, assistant coaches, opposing coaches, and the NFL, is the way he has gone about dismantling the franchise. When Shanahan was fired, everyone was talking about how the Broncos were the most ideal job for a head coaching candidate because they had a franchise QB, two bookend tackles, 2 Pro Bowl caliber WRs, a great OL that only gave up like 14 sacks the entire year, a zone blocking scheme in place with one of the best OL coaches and RB coaches, all of which resulted in the #2 offense in all of football. That all that really needed to be addressed was the defense and with that, the team would be elite. On top of that- McDickFuck was given one of the best defensive coordinators in the league- Mike Nolan.

    Gone are all of the above… and if that’s not bad enough – the defense was never addressed. Did the Broncos go out and get Julius Peppers? No – that was the Bears. You know, the same team that went out and got Jay Cutler. The Broncos spent their money on a bunch of old defensive lineman, none of whom has addressed the problems, they have no pass rush, they do not have any dominant defensive players, except for Champ who is declining. Their defensive backs are old and Brian Dawkins, as much as I like him and respect him, has declined and even in his last season in Philly, they were limiting him to 1st and 2nd downs only. Just like we did with old Steve Atwater in his final season before he left to become a Jet.

    We got shammed. Well, I should say, Bowlen got shammed. We lost our best players, best assistants, signed a bunch of older veterans and mis-evaluated draft picks and added few brothers and cousins to coach the team instead. The entire talent base is gone, and there is no talent to develop. The entire coaching staff is gone, and there is no one even on the staff that could even serve as an interim head coach if McDickFuck were to get fired.

    Cutler is gone. Marshall is gone. Hillis is gone. Mike Nolan is gone. Bobby Turner is gone. Rick Dennison is Gone. The zone blocking scheme is gone. The Broncos running game is gone. Their defense was never fixed. Champ is gone in the offseason. Tebow was a bust. Ayers was a bust. No Show Moreno would have been a good 5th round pick, but not 1st round pick and Kyle Orton is your quarterback next year, right exactly when Cutler is primed for an MVP season. Wouldn’t that be the icing on the cake?

  16. DrunkenBroncoholic says:

    Will, you left out a slew of others on that list, like Andra Davis who was leading his team in tackles (haven’t checked lately), Bates who is a great offensive mind, Alphonso Smith who is grabbing ints, and a few others but we all get the picture… I’m never one to wish a blow out but when Ellis said McD’s future depended on these last games it’s hard not to… if crushing losses means a firing, which would bring back what the Broncos are really about, then bring on the losses… I’ll sacrifice losing to be theBbroncos again… cause right now this ain’t the broncos.

  17. Will says:

    Oh man I can’t wait till this week because the question this week isn’t whether they win or lose at Arrowhead – that’s a given. The question is: Does Todd Haley run up the score on McDaniels? I would be really disappointed if he didn’t. I’d love for McDickFuck to have to fly back after having had to endure through another 59-14 game… let’s just hope that Cutler throws another 4 TDs this weekend, and Hillis runs for another 3 TDs like they did yesterday. Here is a list of players and staff let go by McDaniels:

    1. Pro Bowl QB Jay Cutler
    2. Pro Bowl WR Brandon Marshall
    3. Pro Bowl C Casey Weigman
    4. Pro Bowl RB Peyton Hillis (he will be in the Pro Bowl this year)
    5. TE Tony Scheffler (leading TE on Broncos roster)
    6. Best RB coach in all of football – Bobby Turner
    7. One of the best OL coaches in all of football – Rick Dennison
    8. One of the best defensive coordinators in NFL- Mike Nolan

    In their place, he hired his brother and a bunch of other street people to coach and for the draft picks received, we got a couple of “no show” players, an injured WR, and a guy who MIGHT be ready to play in the year 2016. I would say that a 12 year old would have done about as well- except that a 12 year old would have known better and done better.

    McDickFuck has done nothing but disrespect the players, disrespect the fans, disrespect the NFL, disrespect opposing coaches, disrespect his former team, and disrespect the legacy of the franchise he was handed.

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy: Pat Bowlen. Thanks for taxing us in order to benefit yourself. Here’s one back at you…

  18. DrunkenBroncoholic says:

    Thank you for being the voice of a huge fan base that is finally realizing this clown is a cancer… personally I’ve been saying it since January 12, 2009… the day the Broncos lost all respect. Putting everyone around him under the bus except himself is his usual business… it’s Cutler’s fault, it’s Hillis’ fault, both had record breaking days yesterday… it’s Nolan’s fault. It’s Dennison’s fault. It’s Hamilton’s fault, Weigmann’s, Scheff’s, Davis’, Turner’s, Bates’, Marshall’s fault. It’s EVERYONES fault except his… scrummaging through pizza boxes pretty much sums it up. He’s got zero football knowledge and someone needs to hit him in the head with a snowball on the sideline.

    Ya McDone, keep staring into that playcard… bury your face in that card each time an opposing team scores with ease. Get out of Colorado idiot!

  19. Lane says:

    I’ve been pissed off about the direction this team has been headed since McDummy showed up in Denver but now I’m just really truly sad. Getting beat every week is bad enough but this… this is disgraceful. Not only are we a bad football team but we’re underhanded cheaters now too. If I could figure out a way to do it I’d pay John Elway to bitch slap McDouche on national T.V. for pissing all over this franchise. I hope these are the last 5 games this little weasel spends in blue and orange…

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