Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall may need a fresh pair of boxers

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On the same day that quarterback Peyton Manning helped the Broncos (11-3, No. 2 in the AFC) win for the first time in Baltimore against the Ravens (thank you John Elway for understanding that to be successful in the NFL a team needs an NFL caliber signal caller), Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reported that Josh McDaniels could be a head coach candidate for the Chicago Bears if Lovie Smith is fired, given that bears general manager Phil Emery, like McDaniels, comes from the Belichick-Pioli tree. Quite frankly it’s shocking that La Canfora would start connecting the dots on a McDaniels to the Bears rumor since McDaniels’ first order of business upon arriving in Denver was to trade the franchise’s emerging star quarterback, Jay Cutler, to the Bears. The decision to trade Cutler was criticized by many including the Denver’s top wide receiver Brandon Marshall who said at the time “I know a lot of people on the outside consider that a very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very bad move. . . . Did I say ‘very’?”

Not long thereafter Marshall was traded to Miami by McDaniels for two 2nd round picks. Marshall has since been reunited with Cutler in Chicago, where the wideout recorded his fourth consecutive 100 reception season, an accomplishment that puts his among the most productive receivers in NFL history. So, while the Patriots offensive success with McDaniels calling plays this season has led to a few stories touting the redemption of McDaniels and contemplating his second chance as an NFL head coach, it most certainly won’t be in Chicago as the Bears have indicated a strong desire to sign Cutler to a contract extension.

As for McDaniels getting another chance to lead a franchise, it’s important to not overlook the fact that his most recent success (as was the case prior to landing the job in Denver) is as a result almost entirely of future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady. Really, aside from getting Matt Cassel to play slightly above average while filling in for an injured Brady in 2008, McDaniels hasn’t done much winning without Brady or Belichick. McDaniels’ tenure in Denver was a colossal failure top to bottom and he served as the offensive coordinator of a 2-14 team in St. Louis in 2011.

Recall it was McDaniels’ attempt to trade for Cassel that started the feud with Cutler. But McDaniels should have known what everyone now knows: Cassel is not good. This is evidenced not only by Cassel’s poor play since receiving an oversized contract from the Kansas City Chiefs but also by the fact that Brady Quinn is starting ahead of him. McDaniels misevaluation of quarterback talent doesn’t end with Cassel. In 2010, McDaniels squandered a slew of draft picks trading up to select Tim Tebow in the first round. Tebow was (and still is) a long way from developing into a functional NFL quarterback and many league insiders believe that Tebow could have been had for a single pick in round 2 or 3 or later.

Despite all the speculation that McDaniels will get another head coaching opportunity, the memories of his numerous blunders (on the field and on draft day), childish sideline antics and an NFL policy violation will likely cause any owner searching for a new head coach to conclude Josh McDaniels STILL Sucks.

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