The only person calling Brian Xanders is Mike Klis

Posted by Uncle Rico 12:45 ET

When the Carolina Panthers fired general manager Marty Hurney in October, The Denver Post’s Mike Klis wrote:

“Brian Xanders should be on their short-list of candidates. This is a guy who knows the inner front-office systems of three teams — the Atlanta Falcons, Broncos and New England Patriots (through his time with Josh McDaniels). Xanders has worked nearly NFL job, from coach to salary cap manager to talent evaluator to general manager.”

Well, to the surprise of no-one but Klis the Panthers never reached out to Xanders before hiring former Broncos scout and New York Giants football personnel veteran Dave Gettleman. Not to mention, none of the other six teams (Arizona, Cleveland, Jacksonville, Kansas City, New York (Jets), and San Diego) with GM vacancies considered Xanders as a candidate either.

The word is out that Xanders was little more than the perfect stooge to stand in as GM in Denver while Josh McDaniels tried his best to ruin the Broncos. First, Xanders said he and McDaniels were working in concert with regard to the team’s personnel moves. Then, with his job in jeopardy after McDaniels was fired, Xanders was singing a different tune and not accepting any blame for the catastrophic mess at Dove Valley. Either way, John Elway quickly realized that Xanders was in over his head.

Of course, this isn’t Klis’ first sell job on behalf of Xanders. Before Elway took over the football operations at Dove Valley, Klis lobbied the Broncos to expand Xanders role and authority with the club. Despite NFL analysts and Broncos fans having major concerns about Xanders’ (a) lack of talent evaluation experience – he has never worked as a scout at any level and his background (subsequent to running a health club owned by the Atlanta Falcons) is in salary cap management, and (b) true involvement in the debacle that has caused the Broncos to become the laughingstock of the league, Klis urged doubters to give Xanders an opportunity because he worked his way into the front offices of the NFL by “first cleaning the pool and steam room for the Rankin Smith family.”

Klis just can’t help himself from churning out garbage.

But Klis is not alone when it comes to thoughtless reporting at The Denver Post. It’s All Over Fat Man! took on Jeff Legwold yesterday for his continued insistence that Norv Turner will be a candidate to replace offensive coordinator Mike McCoy if McCoy is hired as head coach of the Bears or Cardinals. Ted Bartlett did a great job setting the record straight on breaking down why Turner doesn’t make sense in Denver.

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