Berger says Broncos didn’t want to play for “little punk” Josh McDaniels

Posted by Uncle Rico 5:35 PM ET

It’s been two years and 10 months since Pat Bowlen fired Josh McDaniels, but that didn’t stop former NFL punter Mitch Berger from recently sharing his feelings on playing for McDaniels.

In an interview with 750 The Game in Portland, Berger said of his tenure in Denver: “It felt like I was playing for an equipment manager or something, [McDaniels] was like a little punk. He came in there and said that he wanted to hear a lot from me, he wanted to know what I thought about situations. He wanted to take advantage of my veteran leadership… he said all that. But as soon as I had a game that wasn’t up to his standards, he wouldn’t talk to you or look at you.”

Berger also highlighted the fact that McDaniels often “threw players under the bus in meetings,” specifically mentioning receiver Brandon Marshall. “I never played for a guy in my life who guys wanted to play for less,” Berger concluded. “He was just a guy you didn’t care about.”

McDaniels, now the offensive coordinator in New England, is having a rough week. Yesterday, the Cincinnati Bengals defense dominated the Patriots offense. In the Bengals 13-6 win, Tom Brady failed to throw a touchdown pass for the first time in his last 53 games. The Patriots quarterback was only three games shy of breaking Drew Brees’ record for consecutive games with a TD pass.

Meanwhile, the Denver Broncos (5-0) earned the team’s 16th consecutive regular season victory. The Denver offense continued on a torrid pace, piling up 51 points in a 51-48 win at Dallas. While it’s still early in the 2013 season, Pro Football Talk detailed the six offensive records that the Broncos are on track to break (of particular interest to Broncos fans may be the points record set by the Josh McDaniels coordinated New England Patriots in 2007):

Record: 589, Patriots, 2007
Broncos now: 230
Broncos pace: 736

Record: 75, Patriots, 2007
Broncos now: 29
Broncos pace: 93

First downs
Record: 444, Patriots, 2012
Broncos now: 147
Broncos pace: 470

Passing first downs
Record: 280, Saints, 2011
Broncos now: 97
Broncos pace: 310

Yards gained
Record: 7,474, Saints, 2011
Broncos now: 2,449
Broncos pace: 7,837

Fewest interceptions
Record: 5, 1960 Browns, 1966 Packers, 1990 Chiefs, 1990 Giants, 2010 Patriots, 2011 49ers
Broncos now: 1
Broncos pace: 3

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