Since delivering a nervous and ragged performance at his introductory press conference after being hired as the 12th head coach in the history of the Denver Broncos, Josh McDaniels has repeatedly demonstrated that he is not fit to lead an NFL team.  From feuding with and trading franchise quarterback Jay Cutler to supervising a monumental collapse over the last 10 games of the 2009 season, the arrogant, immature, and stubborn McDaniels, who has a penchant for public drama, has inspired little confidence among the Denver Broncos community. And on Sunday October 24, 2010, the Broncos suffered the worst and most humiliating defeat in franchise history, a 59-14 drubbing at the hands of the hated Oakland Raiders at Invesco Field at Mile High.

This website is dedicated to lobbying for the swift termination of Josh McDaniels, or at the very least ensuring that McDaniels knows the fans of the Denver Broncos deserve better than Kyle Orton!  Peter King writes the truth when he opines in his January 4, 2010 MMQB “[Orton has] proven this year he’s a borderline starter, not a player a team can build a long future around.” Even after a strong start to the 2010 campaign, Orton has returned to average, completing only 41% (26 of 63) of his passes in consecutive home losses to the Jets and Raiders.

Please view the timeline detailing the misguided actions of Josh McDaniels that led to the launch of www.joshmcdanielssucks.com.

I look forward to all of your comments and feedback, and of course the Denver Broncos winning another Vince Lombardi Trophy!


Uncle Rico,

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  1. Jameson Kersey says:

    Uncle Rico,

    This is a great site and I unfortunately like the rest of us endured the era McDaniels. I will admit that I was on his side through the whole 2009 season but was done after the Oakland debacle. I love this site and the timeline was award winning in my opinion. The chronological downward spiral of his tenure was well authored I felt like I was reliving it over again. How that man squandered all those draft pick on terrible players or traded the picks away for others is beside me. The only 2 guys who are any good are DT whose lighting it up with PFM and Knowshon whounder Fox is starting to live up to his potential. I think this is a site that all Bronco Fans who love this team as much as I do should visit. Only one thing needs to be added. During the 2009 season right after we won our 6th game in a row I remember this site changing from Fire Josh McDaniels to Keep Josh McDaniels lol. Hey we had just won our 6th game in a row and the future looked bright so I don’t blame you for changing the name cause we all were pretty happy until the wheels unceremoniously fell off. I agree with every bit of info on the timeline but just to keep history preserved I think that tidbit should find its way onto it. Here’s looking at the rest of a great 2013 season. Keep the site going bud.


  2. […] bestowed upon them the great Josh McDaniels, who you can see how much the Broncos fans loved him at http://www.joshmcdanielssucks.com/about/ […]

  3. JustaFarmKid says:

    I watched the latest horrific event in McDoucheBag’s timeline unfold tonight on MNF. How long is this going to continue?!? The Broncs now share the same record as the Cowboys and Vikings, who have both fired their head coaches as a result of the embarrassment. ESPN was actually kind enough to point out tonight that the Broncos record over the last 20 games is the worst the Broncos record has been since the 71-72 seasons. Really, are we going to let this continue? Really?!?

  4. Eric says:

    OMG I just noticed the Uncle Rico hahaha!!! Every time I see McDummy I am going to lose it, hahahaha. There should be a small van in the pic as well, tripod hahahahahah, tall grass, hahahaha. Nice, very nice…!

  5. DrunkenBroncoholic says:

    Orton had better winning percentage because the Bears defense accounted for over 25% of their points in his time there… Orton’s stats are better in Denver, but he doesn’t know how to win when the game is on the line. When playing from behind so much his stats are padded by soft prevent coverage. I will say Orton has better accuracy, and the fact he can throw downfield shows McNugget was stupid all last year for not letting him throw over 10 yards. Orton needs great players around him to succeed. He cant succeed on his own like say, an Elway did.

  6. Joe says:

    Josh McDaniels is a stubborn idiot that I hate as a coach of my beloved Broncos team. I just wanted to write here though to stick up for Kyle Orton though who is better than Jay “the bitch” Cutler. Don’t confuse Orton for sucking like Josh McDaniels. Orton had better stats in Chicago (especially wins) than Orton and the same here in Denver. Let’s hope McDaniels gets fired as soon as possible, but let’s also not guilt Orton due to association.

  7. DrunkenBroncoholic says:

    Fickle fans? Try SMART fans… we see the destruction caused by ONE PERSON… ya, that’s right… It’s HIS players HE chose on that field… SMART Broncos fans were yelling for Orakpo BEFORE the 2009 draft… smart broncos fans were yelling Pouncey BEFORE the 2010 draft… the play on the field is a direct result of McNugget… the Shanahan chants at Invesco during the 59 point blow out were great… 5 times the broncos gave up 300 yards rushing in a game… 5 times in their ENTIRE existence… and 2 such times were in the last 8 games!

    i was screaming for Rex Ryan, who bowlen wouldnt even interview, and also Rick Dennison, who took his run game to houston and turned a practice squad kid into a legit back….

    bottom line is McNugget didnt inherit a crappy team…coaches get hired on 2-14, 3-13 teams…McNugget inherited an 8-8 team that just needed a defense…and he turned it into one of the worst teams in football today..only took him a year and half to do it.

  8. Andre cooper says:

    To bronco employee, Cutler and Marshall may have caused locker room problems but they are still pro bowl caliber players not to mention Peyton Hillis. But what seems to be the problem now? You got your subordinate QB who can’t score TDs and puts the ball on the ground but McD loves feeling like he’s the man. If you trade all of your probowlers for college kids u will have a college team not ready for the NFL.

  9. Uncle Rico says:

    Cruz, thanks for the good words about the site. I may take you up on the offer of flying a fag or distributing tees at Mile High…

  10. Drafty says:

    I agree with Rico, JSwackhamer.

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion. The fact that yours is indelibly, 100 percent wrong should have no bearing on that argument. You should revel in your lobotomy. More power to you!

  11. Cruz says:

    I just found this site and I love it. It is sad that it has to come to this. I love my Broncos and I truly wish that McD would have been a great coach. However, he is not and I’m tired of watching him destroy my beloved Broncos. He has to go and he has to go now. Keep up the good work Uncle Rico. Let me know if there is anything you need help with. I have season tickets and we tailgate at EVERY home game. I would love to fly a flag or help distribute t-shirts or do anything else I can to help you in your quest to rid the Mile High of Mr. McDouche.

  12. Ed Levy says:

    Embarrassing defeats under McDaniels’s short tenure:

    2009: Baltimore 30, Denver 7
    2009: Pittsburgh 28, Denver 10
    2009: San Diego 32, Denver 3
    2009: Kansas City 44, Denver 24
    And the crown jewel of defeats: 2010: Oakland 59, Denver 14

    Keep in mind, this is after only 23 regular season games. Hence Denver has been blown apart greater than 20% of the games under McDaniels.

  13. Uncle Rico says:

    JSwackhamer, thanks for your comments. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but it’s mindboggling that anyone believes McDaniels is fit to be a head coach in the NFL (especially at the present time).

    It’s not about hating McDaniels, rather it’s about love of the Broncos. I’m just not willing to stand by idly as McDaniels ruins the franchise. Comparing Shanahan’s Raiders tenure to McDaniels’ with the Broncos is apples to oranges. When he was hired by the Raiders: (a) Shanahan had 13 years coaching experience at various stops incl. college and the NFL; (b) he did not surround himself with family and friends on the coaching staff and in the front office of so that he was insulated from accountability and never challenged; and (c) he did not write off established talent on the roster without cause (e.g. Hillis, Scheffler, and even Cutler and Marshall to a certain degree).

    Prior to being hired in Denver, McDaniels worked for one team under a head coach that is notorious for his totalitarian management style and having former assistants fail as head coaches. Running an NFL team requires far more leadership and strategic and organizational proficiency than can be learned at one stop where a person’s responsibilities are quite compartmentalized.

    Sure, McDaniels talks a good game (constantly repeating the keywords he learned from Belichick: smart, tough and physical), but nothing about his team resembles to the things he talks about. As the team imploded on Sunday vs. the Raiders, he stood silently on the sideline, didn’t even try to rally the troops… he was only interested in studying his giant playsheet, arrogantly thinking he was going to be able to pass his way out of 31-0 black hole.

  14. JSwackhamer says:

    Uncle Rico,

    You’ve got to redirect your hate, bro. You and the rest of the fickle Broncos fan base are going to run a good coach out of town.

    Do you know what Shanny’s record was in his first two seasons as coach of the LA Raiders? 8-12 before he was fired after a season and a half. You know what he did when he came back to Denver.

    I know eventually the masses will cause Bowlen to cave, and McDaniels will be sent packing; however, I’m sure in a few years he will be a great head coach somewhere.

    By the way, in the words of my man Jim Rome, saying something sucks is not a take.

    Go Broncos!

  15. Chicago Interest says:

    I agree with you on some of the McD stuff. He is just not mature enough for this position and unfortunately for Denver fans he is in over his head. Orton is a quarterback that I never liked here in Chi. He was always checking down and playing it safe regardless of down and distance. Like on a third and 15 he would checkdown to a back with 3 linebackers waiting for him. Although he has made some improvements he is still more of an back-up than anything else. I notice alot of QBs who are good at padding stats (Rivers, Orton, Romo, and I think Rodgers) not so good at winning. Their teams fall behind and when the pressure is off and the opposing defense loosens up in prevent mode then they light it up stats wise. Of the 4 QBs I mentioned, Orton is the one I would least like on my team.

    McD’s “smartest guy in the room thing” and napolean complex will not end well.

  16. Uncle Rico says:

    Bronco Employee, if you really were an employee of the NFL club in Denver, I’m betting that you’d know that you were a Broncos (plural) Employee and that the team likely frowns upon its mark being mischaracterized as “Bronco.” So, how do you know about this alleged friction in the locker room?

    Also, I’ve traded emails with Woody Paige a few times… seems like a nice guy though I don’t always agree with his writings.

    Thanks for visiting the site and I hope you’re right about the Broncos being better off with Orton than Cutler, and McDaniels at the helm.

  17. Bronco Employee says:

    This site is absurd. You have zero facts, and it is no wonder an idiot like Woody Paige would not even talk to you. If you think you can run a team with a sub par quarterback perhaps you should work your way up in the ranks, and start coaching. Brandon Marshall, and Jay Cutler are punks. They caused friction in the locker room that no one else saw except staff. I know first hand. Jay had a great year in Chicago last year, right? Brandon goes to Miami and what happened? Signed for $40 million, then needed surgery (his “GOOD HIP”)!

  18. OKCBRONCO says:

    Josh McDaniels is an idiot. I can’t beleive Pat Bowlen let Shanahan go for this guy.

    Pat, please go have a beer with John Elway and figure out how to FIRE this guy.

    Josh McDaniels appears way to immature to be a head coach. He thinks he is the next Bill Belichick. The problem is, he doesn’t have a Tom Brady, Randy Moss or Wes Welker. If he could have just seen what he had when he got to Denver. Shanahan left him with a great offense and he gets rid of Cutler, Marshall and Scheffler. Brings in Kyle Orton & Brady Quinn. Now he’s thinking of bringing in Saint Tebow. Wow one average QB and two unproven QBs. Sounds like a great plan. I also heard he is wanting to get Dez Bryant. Dez doesn’t like contact won’t go over the middle and disappears in the big games. Not even close to Marshall when it comes to talent and possibly the same off-field concerns.

  19. KMan says:

    Hilarious website!! It’s nice to see that there are fans in Broncos country that realize Josh McDaniels is NOT a legit head coach.

  20. joe solmon says:

    Come on Broncos fans, let’s save Broncos Country!!! Show up this Sunday Jan. 31 at 2:00 behind Invesco Field in the west parking lot!!! Wear your Broncos gear. Bring all your friends and signs showing your support for coach Misshandles!!! PLEASE FORWARD INFO ABOUT THIS EVENT TO EVERYONE! Let’s save Marshall and Tony Scheffler!

    If you really want him out of here… then show up! Check out the event on facebook: fire josh mcdaniles rally.

  21. Bronco Bob says:

    This website is so RIGHT ON! I am surprised McDaniels is still the coach. Seattle had the right idea when it fired Mora after one season. McDaniels belongs on the junk heap with Mora and Zorn. Pat Bowlen must open his eyes… McD belongs in a high school program, at best!

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